Money Talks: Panel Discussion

Following the launch of our Institutions of the Future Report, we brought together some industry experts along with Press Partners Grayling, to discuss trend #2 from the report: Money Talks. Join our panellists: Anisa Morridadi (Founder of Beatfreeks) Tia Cham (Young Content Creator) Katie Nugent (Lush Cosmetics Global Retail Team) Chris Gramm (CEO of Springboard […]

Creative Journeys: Creatives in Kigali and Birmingham

It may not always be in the news, but incredible creative work is happening in our communities, with young artists flexing their imaginations and craft, while acting as organisers for others from their circle. We know this!  So, when we were offered the chance, we thought we would check what happens if instead of commissioning […]

Gen Z & Money: A Video Interview

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Beatfreeks (@beatfreeks) Last week Programme Coordinator at Beatfreeks Coree Kirby sat down with Ismail Hassan to chat all things cash. In the above video interview, the pair answer the need-to-knows on Gen Z and spending: If you won £500 right now, what would it go on? […]

4 Posts Which Show How Gen Z Are Talking About Palestine

Shazmeen Khalid is a writer and blogger from Birmingham, currently based in London. Shazmeen publishes non-fiction work on the experiences of People of Colour, along with her own poetry, via her blog Misrepresented. Over the past few weeks, many have become more aware of the ongoing occupation of Palestine. Though the occupation of East Jerusalem has been […]

A Year Since the Murder of George Floyd

This poem and film has been produced by Don’t Settle on behalf of National Youth Trends. It commemorates one year since the murder of George Floyd. The film, the poem, and the report it points to, aims to provoke positive change for Black people and People of Colour across the globe. Through listening to these […]

Five Language Tips for Talking to Gen Z

Following the launch of the brand new Institutions of the Future Report, Henry Kingdon – currently interning at Beatfreeks, did a little digging online about suggested approaches for communicating with Gen Z. The result: an equal parts hilarious, dry, insightful and (undeniably) practical video unpicking the wheat from the chaff of the online guidance about […]

6 Issues Gen Z Will Be Thinking About on May 6th Elections

Henry Kingdon is currently interning with Beatfreeks, although he can usually be found at Birmingham City University, studying Applied Theatre: Community and Education. He has a passion for theatre and youth voice, as well as a keen interest in politics. What issues are Gen Z talking about? 1: Careers and Education In our research for […]

Tia Cham: Representation in Media

This video is produced in response to content from our new full legnth report Time and Time Again, which discusses how young People of Colour in the UK view representation. Here, content creator and podcast host Tia Cham discusses the fact that Young People of Colour were less likely to feel authentically represented in Media […]

Why do Young People of Colour feel less represented in UK Politics?

Following the launch of our report Time and Time Again, which looks into how young People of Colour view representation in the UK, we wanted to push the conversation further. One of the most pressing findings from the research was that young People of Colour seem less interested in provoking change through government or Politics. […]

Gen Z Starter Pack: Ahsen

This starter pack is an extract from our new full length report Institutions of the Future. Against the backdrop of cancel culture, it helps organisations understand what it takes for Gen Z to respect a brand. These images display what it is like to be a young Pakistani creative. The images displaying protests of peace, ‘killing’ […]