THE reason we started Beatfreeks was to platform young people’s stories. It still happens on the first Thursday of every month at Poetry Jam. Here we want to introduce you to some of the amazing young people who are involved in National Youth Trends and make the whole thing tick.
17 Nov 2020

National Youth Trends Advisory Group


‘you may of seen a certain campaign floating around by my collective & I @failsafezine. 8 creatively minded young ‘uns who serendipitously stumbled across each other at the start of our careers have launched a handbook about creative failure’

Hey! I’m Beth and I’m a 22 year old business graduate from Wales! I am currently working as a sales and marketing graduate in the food industry – which is my dream! 

I’m super passionate about young people and especially those more vulnerable. This is why I got involved with NYT as I wanted to help promote the voice of young people and why I volunteer with the NSPCC North Wales. 

In my sparetime I love to read and actually run a bookstagram @bethdoesbooks and run a feminist book subscription company called @shemadeit_pack which I’m super proud of! I can’t wait to see the amazing work this NYT group are going to create and the difference it is going to make!

Check out David’s collective and their handbook over here.

David is a member of our National Youth Trends Advisory Group – a collective of 16-25 year olds spread across the UK who oversee the project. 

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National Youth Trends Advisory Group


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