The Social Snapshot

Learn how Social Media is impacting the largest generation in human history.  The Social Snapshot explores highlights key trends surrounding Gen Z and the Online Space. These perspectives can be translated into actionable insights for you and your organisation as it will help you:  Understand how young people consume, curate and share content on Social […]

The 2nd Dose

Learning, understanding, and then contributing to what the future looks like is essential to get your organisation relevant and keep it there. Turn perspectives, gathered from 2,000 Gen Zs across the UK, into actionable insights that can sustain your organisation. Understand how the pandemic has changed what the main things Gen Z are looking for […]

‘The 2nd Dose’ Full Research Methodology & Sample Data

This methodology relates to our March 2021 report ‘The 2nd Dose’ Research Design Questionnaire This research was conceived in response to the ongoing need to platform young people’s voices in order to make institutions across all three sectors more relevant, democratic and responsive to the needs of Gen Z. We set out with the intention […]

Data + Creativity: Gen Z, Art and Culture in digital space – Panel & Launch

Click play on the video to listen back to the event, and see the brand new commissions by Antonio Roberts. One of our recent National Youth Trends studies has found that 9 in 10 Gen Zs now see themselves as ‘creative people’. It marks a paradigm change in the arbitrary lines between ‘artwork’, ‘creativity’, ‘content’ […]

Pop Up – Antonio Roberts

Last year we found that 9 in 10 Gen Zs now see themselves as ‘creative people’. It marks a paradigm change in the arbitrary lines between ‘artwork’, ‘creativity’, ‘content’ and ‘culture’. Young people across the world are increasingly demanding that these fields, sectors and jobs, should be for everybody. As a response, and to celebrate […]

Creativity, Data and Digital Culture: Interview with Antonio Roberts

Tickets now available for the launch of these Creative Commissions on 29th September – book here. Over the past two months, Antonio Roberts has been working with National Youth Trends data from 2020 – collected from nearly 2,000 young people across the UK – to create a series of digital artworks based on the insights. […]

Euro 2021: Why ‘home’ is never a collective experience in football

Juwairiyyah Wali is Programme Coordinator at Don’t Settle. She is a born and bred Brummie known for having pretentious film preferences. Passionate about all things art, heritage and activism. ‘It’s coming “home?”’. A simple question, posed by co-founder of Instagram page The Black Beat, Kelvyn Quagraine, enveloping all the muddled connotations of a word that […]

How did Gen Z couple up?

@beatfreeks 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👩🏿‍🤝‍👨🏾👩‍❤️‍👩 How did you couple up? We asked 2,000 Gen Zs ↘️ #nationalyouthtrends #loveisland ♬ original sound – beatfreeks As the latest series of Love Island takes UK streaming services and social media by storm – we thought we’d check in with how Gen Z are doing in their relationships. In this TikTok, […]

What Will Our Future Leaders Be Like?

We asked 2,000 Gen Zs what they want the leaders of the future to be like. Play the above video, or download this PDF, to explore how they answered. Click here to download a PDF and explore how Gen Zs across the UK answered this question. Follow these links to download the full length, research […]