Time and Time Again

A National Youth Trends Report on How Young People of Colour are Represented in the UK

Have People of Colour Been Isolated from the COVID Narrative?

Isolation. For many of us, a word all too familiarly associated with the year 2020, but has it meant the same thing for everyone in the UK?  Throughout the UK’s first lockdown, some minoritised communities felt that they were often deliberately dismissed from the COVID narrative and misrepresented by headlines and figures. Isolated, you could […]

How Vegan are Gen Z?

The ubiquitous falafel and hummus wrap: beacon of our time, the original forward thinking choice of the meal deal purchaser, culturally historic and often-debated food propelled into the 21st century stardom because of its vegan-tastic qualities. There are more jokes we could make but they’ll keep skirting around the fact that your attitude towards eating […]

Take the temperature

Read the full 65 page report with insights from over 1500 young people, plus recommendations your organisation can implement now.

Brum Youth Trends 2019

In 2019, we’re asking if, by dividing young people and power into two separate concepts, we are unintentionally excluding young people from the notion of power.

Reel Talk

Instagram’s Reels have been unrolling on our phones for past couple of months now, but what do people think? We asked participants on the September Diaries project what they thought, a couple of weeks after the launch. Here’s what they fed back.  Many TikTok regulars call out the rip-off:  ‘I think reels are just a […]


‘I got involved with NYT as I wanted to help promote the voice of young people” Hey! I’m Beth and I’m a 22 year old business graduate from Wales! I am currently working as a sales and marketing graduate in the food industry – which is my dream!  I’m super passionate about young people and […]

Creativity and Gen Z

Our most recent round of National Youth Trends research found that 88.8% of young people in the UK see themselves as creative. For today’s younger generations the character trait encompasses an increasingly broad range of activities and outlooks.  A crucial factor is that there are simply more outlets and opportunities to exercise creativity than ever […]

Do Gen Z think they spend too much time on social media?

Whilst it’s often limited to older generations, there is still a perception that young(er) people – in this contexts Millennials and Gen Z’s – are a d d i c t e d  to social media. They can’t get enough – waking up in the middle of the night to tweet, scrolling through instagram while […]


In 2017 we launched the first ever Brum Youth Trends survey and received over 600 responses. This year, it’s exploded. We’ve gone bigger: doubling the number of respondents, speaking to over 1500 young people. We’ve gone deeper: increased the number of questions, diversified the way people could answer and reached out to a range of […]