INSTITUTION. A large and important organization, such as a university or bank.
FUTURE-PROOF. (of a product or system) unlikely to become obsolete.
Can society
keep growing?
Are we making
new demands of the
private sector?
What role do
companies play
in society?
Will work ever
be the same again?
How can we operate
in the new normal?
How should
companies support
their employees?
What does true
and equal
look like?
Who will
support the
hidden freelancers?
Will institutions
play the same role
they once did?
Will we still
have institutions
in the future?
What happens when
business as usual
no longer applies?
How do you
keep innovating?
What long term
effect will people
power have?
What’s the new
National Youth Trends sets you off on the journey of tackling these big questions and how they relate to your organisation. They’re questions about staying ahead of the game, about innovation, about the future.

Institutions of the future

We at Beatfreeks think that working with young people is the way to stay ahead of the curve.

Young people today want to see organisations get involved in a movement, not in a moment. They don’t want to see brands and institutions just get on board with a media campaign and then flake on the action. Lip service just don’t fly now.

It’s equally absolutely essential for organisations to keep adapting and innovating for their own benefit - so that their products and services stay relevant and people are engaged.
We believe that when organisations look after, listen to and help sustain people and the world; they are inherently looking after and sustaining themselves. Both parties win.

By reading young people’s stories, staying informed about what matters to them, keeping looped about the hottest trends - your organisation can take the first step in becoming an Institution of the Future.

Get into what young people are saying

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Get into what young people are saying