29 Nov 2020

THE DL #5 ?

Good morning, 

That’s right, you’ve just received the DL before midday. October we got things on L O C K D O W N. (Don’t say it too loud)

No need for guesses on today’s subject line emoji. Probably the poor face-mask wearing emoji didn’t know what hit them this year. Reserved mainly for the its-that-time-of-year flu, the somethings-going-round-I-think cold, or the visits to smoggy cities, this little smiley has earned themselves a top spot in lockdown

What’s more, is that they’ve just started smiling too. That’s right, up until this month, that lil’ emoji was not happy about their fame. Now though: over the moon. It’s the little journies that matter. In the new version of iOS, they’ve turned that frown upside down and it’s all in the eyes.

? Welcome to the DL #5 ?

(with undeniable strut intro provided by O.V. Wright )

*This GIF is called ‘Snooty Kermit’ and is a new favorite

We need to take a wee stop again and give another welcome to all the first-timers. The DL is going farther and wider at the moment. I’m starting to worry we might have to loose all of the wonderful (indulgent) and idiosyncratic (silly) moments if we get any more popular. Much like John Lydon, or Gregg Wallace. (No shade intended / present controversy avoided

 For now nothing changes, we’re still the same: feast on a month of meme, web-news, youth culture and pop reaction. 

—- (not all-covid) NEWS

Facebook have taken steps to start to integrate messaging services on Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger. Whilst it seems like it will be a while before the Zuckerberg social media hegemony ends all for the one true platform, the move marks a change in direction for the big FB. At least LinkedIn is safe ?.

We questioned reality, but Gucci have started printing FAKE on their own merchandise, which isn’t fake. (I think?) Some have NOT printed on it too, so does that make the other ones fake? Who knows? Tyler, A$AP and Iggy maybe. The brand stay ahead with nodding to what happens with their label out in the world and some unexpected, but undoubtedly great, collabs.

David Attenbrough broke a world record last month: sadly he did not finally claim the title of nicest, most softly spoken, intelligent and caring human ever award, but he came close. At the age of 94, Sir David became the fastest ever user to reach 1 Million followers on Instagram. He used the entrance to make points on environmental issues and plastic waste.

In the last week of September, the gram became ten years old. Since shaking up socials back in 2010, Instagram has undoubtedly had huge impact on content, communication and our lives. Ten years on – as upcoming findings from Beatfreeks’ National Youth Trends show – its still by far the most popular platform for 16-25s.

THAT was a cheeky little namedrop wasn’t it. I know: cheap, obvious. The scandel, the horror! Srsly tho, National Youth Trends wraps up some serrrrious data collection on Monday. Insights dropping here there and everywhere over the coming months, and perhaps even some in today’s mailer. THAT’s the real scandel. Keep it zipped, gotit!


The DL, much like many of our lives, is full of musical interludes. There are lots of good reasons for this. The first and principal and obvious reason is that music is great. Sadly, there may be few around who can soon afford to make it.

Outcry online, saw many semi-professional young people in the industry point out to Rishi, that a secondary job has been necessary for most, for the past ten years. At least they may not need to retrain.

Platforms exist where you can pay a musician, for their music. Old school bandcamp is great place to start. 


From @spartancsi 


Even security guards got their Tik-Tok game on point. KU-DOS. 

From @MtheresaG_ via @F*ckjerry [no asterix but we’re classy]


(Otherwise unreleased content and insights from Beatfreeks‘ research projects. Bringing you the direct thoughts and feelings from young people across the UK)

Yep you read it earlier – National Youth Trends is back and we’ve already got word hot off young people’s lips from across the country. 

Instagram’s Reels have been unrolling on our phones for past couple of months now, but what do people think? We’ve got a mixed bag on our hands, whilst many TikTok regulars call out the rip-off, if you haven’t been a part of the ByteDance movement, then its new for you, and it works. Will Instagram gain a firmer grip on our Zellennials (oh yesss), who otherwise hadn’t moved over to the new phenomena? 

If one thing is for defs: get the watermark gone if you’re crossposting.

‘My initial thought was “wow insta are really eager to take over wherever they can” but thinking about it, it’s really clever. For me I enjoy Reels as I don’t use TikTok and short comedic content is always a great method to use to help break up my day.’ [Male, 20, Nottingham]

‘I think they are pretty much the same, I have seen a lot of TikTokers just put their videos again on Reels, even with the watermarks on, I mean, really?‘ [Female, 25, Bristol]

‘I think reels are just a complete rip off of TikTok, and I’m yet to see a single one that isn’t simply a repost of something that’s already been posted on TikTok!’ [Female, 21, Glasgow]

—- ?️ H O T ?️

Haim – Man From the Magazine


(This mailer isn’t sponsored by Lidl, Lidl is just great)

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Comfort and style at £4.99

I don’t need to say any more.

Here is the link


The 2020 US presidential race was always going to be a bit of whirlwind. Two moments we think are worth dwelling on:

1. Truth over Flies – in the most recent vice-presential debate, a fly removed all sense of emphasis from anything anyone said. Republican candidate Mike Pence, delivered part of the debate with a fly atop his hair. Following the moment which I’d love to hear Malcolm Tucker describe, the Biden campaign released a branded fly swatter. Needless to say they’ve since sold out at a snip for $10.00 (plus shipping, obvs). 

2. In a course of action which only President Trump could follow, the Republican yesterday stated that he will refuse to take part in the next presidential debate, which is due to be held virtually, as a result of Trump’s recent diagnosis of Rona. After the first descended into chaos and insults, let’s hope moderators make a well informed attempt to encourage use of the hands up function, no one forgets to take themselves off mute, and someone is on hand to let the audience in from the waiting room.


Today’s tinka: Do ice cubes made from boiling water freeze quicker than those made from tap water?

It’s called the Mpemba effect. Depending on how hot you’re water is, yes! Everyone crack your thermometers out (they should be handy). Are you ready for an unreal graph?

Crack the kettle on, let’s have a G&T. 

—- Finally

The DL next month has some big talk. See you then shipmates.

Ciao 4 now

Fabio from Beatfreeks

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