29 Nov 2020

The DL #4 ?

Ello ello, 

You got it – we’re here, it’s arrived. 

First things first, guesses for what the emoji in the subject line? (no zooming in or C&P games I see you keen ones out there)

1. Meatballs

2. Falafel

?? Welcome to the DL #4 ?

(with obligatory early Atlantic soul intro music from the Bar Keys)

** not the Bar Keys

Second (now we’ve got the pleasantries out of the way) welcome to all the first-timers – you’ll get to grip with the way things work soon enough. I remember back to my first DL. WOWZA.

—- (not covid) NEWS

Munroe Bergdorf – activist, writer and the first transgender model in the UK for L’Oréal (was pushed out, now back) is set to release her first book ‘Transitional’.

Evian (the water company who my dad once told me was naive spelt backwards ?) releases their new look, label free bottle. The PR stunt points people to their ambition to become a circular brand (made solely using recycled materials) by 2025. 

COULD THEY? THEY WON’T WILL THEY? SURELY NOT? There has been a fair bit on the internet this week questioning whether the UK government – joining India – will ban Tik Tok. I raced through the article with a light sweat on my brow to find ‘it is unlikely that the UK would respond by banning an app like TikTok.’ Tok it easy, for now.

This month, the BBC reported the ‘Jaw-dropping’ global crash in children being born. The report says that 23 nations – including Spain and Japan – are expected to see their populations halve by 2100.


The Beatfreeks team were having a Zoom lunch this week and it got a bit out of hand. We all decided on our intro songs – music we’d like to walk out on stage, enter the ring, strut down the high street to. Truth is, with this playlist I think we might break Spotify’s algorhythm. Check it out.


This month’s meme comes in video form from @Sainthoax and is about Kayne’s vest-clad election speech. It’s STONE COLD. Vid #3 is the best.


From @myswimpro on Instagram. We found it very funny. And would like very much to go on holiday, but not swim in a mask. 


(Otherwise unreleased content and insights from Beatfreeks‘ research projects. Bringing you the direct thoughts and feelings from young people across the UK)

Earlier this month we ran a little brand world cup, a boy-oh-boy the results are in. Our socials team have come close to deciding some long-debated topics of British Politics. 

? PG Tips vs Twinings vs Tetley vs Yorkshire Tea?

If this was the football, we’d have been talking extra time + penno shoot out down to the final shot, but:

PG tips comes out on top with 40%, closely followed by go-to t’up north: Yorkshire Tea 39%.

? Nike vs Adidas vs Puma vs Converse?

In what we thought would be a fresh-creps dead heat, there was a clear front runner. 

✔️  Just do It came off, with Nike (66%) pulling a decisive 58% margin over Adidas (8%) 

? Zoom vs Hangouts vs Teams vs Skype?

And finally, those eagerly anticipated WFH vibes. 

New kids on the block Zoom are by far the lockdown vid-chat platform of choice gaining 67% of the vote, and leaving (grandma wants to see you on the computer-television) 00s/10s industry leader Skype left for dead with 0%.

—- ?️ H O T ?️

J Cole – The Climb Back

nuff said


(This mailer isn’t sponsored by Lidl, Lidl is just great)

((If you are Lidl and want to sponsor this mailer, holla))

Everyone is the new Ainsley in lockdown and these Tefal pans would make Greg Wallace weep. 24 centimetres of aluminium for £12.99. Lidl keep bringing them big brands to the middle isle absolutely finessing the cost/quality curve. 


This month Marvin Gaye is perhaps a little closer to the content of the political rundown, than normal.* Since the killing of Georgia Flloyd in May the world has seen a flurry of protests, donations and solidarity in many forms. We want to take this opportunity to post some ways to keep supporting and standing tall.

– UK wide project to provoke spending money with Black-owned businesses

Black Minds Matter: an organisation supporting Black people’s mental health, at a difficult and in some instances exhausting time

Black Land Justice: A fund, collecting money to create more Black spaces in the UK

– A fund to support the independence of the Colours Youth Network, a space for young Black people and people of colour who are LGBT+ (QTIBPOC)

*normally song titles which pose questions and ironically relate to political situations. (and incredible music of course)


Does drinking water really make chilli worse?

Sometimes when you eat something too hot, you find yourself diving to the tap to bathe your mouth in some of that sweet sweet nectar: H20. Recently, this happened and someone cried: WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU SAUSAGE?!

This video from the American Chemical Academy solves all with A M A Z I N G graphics. 

—- Finally

It was a falafel emoji. Thank me later x

Ciao 4 now

Fabio from Beatfreeks

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