1 Mar 2022


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Finally, finally, FINALLY?!? Is the end of all the strangeness really, maybe, perhaps, it-might-be, OVER! 

We’ll see.

In order to celebrate, couple of exciting bits: ANOTHER why-not, brand new, super section on Social Media posts with a positive impact, TWO bumper bits of National Youth Trends insights coming to you in video form, and a way we have released data LIKE NEVER BEFORE. 


I didn’t until I saw it all in one place:

Right here on The DL.

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—- (not all-covid) NEWS

Following an open letter sent by employees last month, accusing the company of toxic work culture, treating staff like objects and fostering an atmosphere of fear; Brewdog’s CEO has published a statement on LinkedIn, outlining the steps they will take to rectify issues and admitting that they were his own fault. Much of the controversy stems from Brewdog’s brand identity as an empowering, fun, accessible, and socially responsible employer. As Gen Z keep telling everyone, you can’t just talk the talk in your branding. 

Following Ronaldo’s actions shading Coca Cola last month in a Euros press conference, company stocks have lost $4 Billion in market value.

In the eternal struggle between traditional and new media, people took to the web in their masses to call out British newspapers over the past two weeks. The backlash is against the apparent refusal to put Raheem Sterling on a front page, despite being one of England most in form players at this year’s Euros.

Solving the eternal hijab & hoodie combo struggle / nightmare, Kady Meite finesses the issue, bringing us the Hoodjabi – the crossover of comfort, quality and modesty, which is making streetwear more inclusive by the day.

Beatfreeks’ faves The Receipts Podcast have FINALLY dropped their book. Need to know why it’s going to be so good? The real, honest, open chat (and humble posts like this).

A new law coming into play in Norway will mean that Instagram users in the country won’t be able to post ‘modified’ or ‘filtered’ images without a disclaimer. It’s intended to help users self esteem and reduce body pressure on young people, but it remains to be seen what will count as ‘filtered’.



As resident Italian member of the team, I can confirm the quality of this meme.

from @Ben_Machell on Twitter

(Otherwise unreleased content and insights from Beatfreeks‘ National Youth Trends Research. Bringing you the direct thoughts and feelings from young people across the UK)

The two bits of video insight, and the one release of data like never before.

1. We have asked 2,000 young people one simple question which could define the next years of our lives. As we move out of lockdown, we simultaneously (and in some sort of strange paradox) return to something which is going to be brand new: life after this pandemic. Set yourself up right, understand what Gen Z think, and click here to learn watch a short insight vid on What they want the Leaders of the Future to be like

This super snappy insight vid gives you three trends from how they answered, but you can also download a PDF containing a bucket-load of qualitative data, for your perusal. We got ya.

2. The full length video from our Institutions of the Future panel event is now live up on our website – click here for a full length digest of trend #2 – Money Talks – with a host os expert panelists.

—- 🌶️ H O T 🌶️

Tyler has a new album. Bye.


Throughout much of our research over the years, and even in specific articles, we’ve tried to tackle, complicate, open the door on narratives put out about social media. There is plenty of information on the negative effect our use of socials can have on our mental health – there is no doubt about it. What’s less often covered though, is the positive sides of the internet, the people forging ahead, the people building space how they want to use it, the people who understand that use of the web is an increasingly necessary part of our lives, and are working with that to make it positive.

One way people push ahead, is greater access to information, and we’re not just talking about the deep stuff. We’re talking about the practical bits you need to know, not rubbish and Chuegy life-hacks, but the stuff we should have been taught in Citizenship class.


👔 Here is a tweet thread on Job Interview Advice

Here is an amazing thread of holiday destinations for a covid summer staycation in the UK.

🧘🏽 Here are some images with stretches you can do at home if you sit/stand/walk a certain way all day.

🍭 Here is a TikTok showing you how to say Happy Pride Month in BSL and ASL

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