1 Mar 2022

Welcome, welcome, welcome, one and all, old subs and new subs, to February’s DL 🥳
That’s right, our January newsletter wasn’t just a measly one off, folks. We’re consistently consistent* in 2022, okaaay?

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*Always trying our very best, at least xoxo

February: the month of love. No more January blues and hopefully ALL storms (Dudley/Eunice/Franklin, I’m losing track) will evacuate the building ASAP 🥰
Some of us are becoming pretty desperate for ANY signs of spring, especially after our gutter blew off the roof over the weekend… just saying, Eunice 🙄 🙄

For loads of us, it’s been a sliiiiightly stressful start to 2022 (yes, the gutter I referred to was mine) as the cost of living crisis worsens. People of all ages are feeling the effects of inflation, but according to a Wells Fargo study, millennials are feeling the impact the most. An age breakdown in the report showed that millennials have experienced the highest inflation this year: 6.8% for the 25 to 34 age group and 6.9% for the 35 to 44 group.

17 Millennial Memes That'll Inspire You To Kill Every Industry - Memebase -  Funny Memes

If you’re anything like me, you might turn to resale websites to try and earn a bit of extra cash in exchange for your unwanted items *resists the urge to plug my Depop page in the February DL* and it appears that Pretty Little Thing sees opportunity in this too.
The fast-fashion brand shared last week that they are launching a second-hand marketplace on their app later this year in a bid to move away from throwaway fashion and appeal to their sustainability-focused young consumers.
For many, this news wasn’t exactly well-received, with some people taking to Twitter to accuse the brand of greenwashing.

Spotify’s CEO, Daniel Ek, has said he strongly condemns Joe Rogan’s use of racial slurs on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast after they were brought to light by musician India Arie on her Instagram.
In a statement to Spotify staff
, Ek acknowledged that Rogan’s comments were “incredibly hurtful” and confirmed that Rogan decided to remove multiple old podcast episodes from Spotify but said he did not believe in completely removing Rogan from the streaming platform.

Rogan had already been heavily criticised recently for promoting Covid-19 vaccine skepticism and misinformation on his Spotify-exclusive podcast, prompting a number of musicians to pull their music from Spotify in protest.

The question that remains in the midst of this: how much responsibility do companies have when it comes to taking accountability for platforming racism or spreading misinformation? In Spotify’s own Culture Next report in 2021, they found that 40% of millennials and GenZers said they trust podcasts more than traditional media sources, including national TV news, newspapers and radio. 


With storm Dudley, Eunice and Franklin doing the rounds (I am now seeing serious potential for the DL to become a weather forecast mailer), does anyone fancy trading in their home office for a more picturesque (perhaps sunnier) view? Could WFA become the new WFH?
Global online travel agent, Hostelworld, shared insights that highlight how the option to flexibly ~Work From Anywhere~ is a huge appeal to Gen Z and millenials.
86% of Gen Z’s and 80% of millennials say they’re ready to change jobs for flexible employers.

🔥🔥 Is there potential that this could be THE collab of 2022? Two British institutions coming together to celebrate sausage rolls (and how much we love them). 

Yep, Greggs and Primark have officially collabed and on Saturday released a limited edition, 11-piece clothing collection. The pieces, featuring the iconic Greggs logo, reportedly sold out within hours and apparently are already being listed on eBay for eight times the original price.

📱✨ Fave-TikTok-moment-of-the-month  ✨📱

This audio snippet of Julia Fox on the Call Her Daddy podcast. The sound is doing the rounds on TikTok with over 40K videos of users mocking Fox’s enunciation of “uncut gems”. Much like everything that becomes a TikTok meme, you have to watch it to get it. The girls that get it, get it… you know how it goes (at least if you’re on TikTok anyway).

Until next month, DL’ers, when hopefully Spring is upon us 🤞🤞🤞

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Peace and love xo

Katie from Beatfreeks

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