1 Mar 2022


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🥈 Welcome to the DL #14 🦠
(with acidy-disco-loveliness from Crazy P)

Friends, folks, family, it has been a while since you’ve seen those glorious two letters in your inbox. How we have been playing it so very coy. The longer you’ve been with us, the more used to it you get. Que sera sera. (You’ll also wise-up to the oddly out of place chuegy idioms too).

This month – no more playing it coy. We deliver you the goods by the end of the month. Guaranteed. And by the goods, we mean it’s here, you’re onto the main package. On the 27th October, we will be launching a brand new, full length National Youth Trends report.

The 2nd Dose’ delves into how Gen Z feel as restrictions lift and life gets back to normal [?]. It uses data collected from 2,058 16-25s last month to spill all on Gen Z’s opinion on:

😷 face masks and being around large groups again
📱 how social media played a role in helping them through the pandemic
🕴️ how they are radicalising the world of work and changing the definitions of ‘career’ post-covid
🛣️ how we can begin to forge a positive route ahead

Stick right here on the DL to be the first in-the-know about the big drop. Tell ur m8s to get on it too mind.

Right now – you can still get your monthly dose of DLightful (how have we never done that before) insights – catch up on the launch of the first NYT Creative Commissions.

—- (not all-covid) NEWS

DL fave-boi James Blake has just dropped his new album Friends That Break Your Heart. Following its release, Blake’s partner Jameela Jamil (who received production creds) faced much backlash online, with critics arguing it was only because of their relationship. We wonder if Elon Musk would have got similar hate if he’d been credited on Grimes’ album. 👀

In an acceptance speech at the 2021 Attitude Awards,  Welsh screenwriter and producer Russell T Davies – creator of It’s A Sin – calls out the LGB alliance, and says when you diminish LGBTQIA+ by removing and ignoring letters, and refuse to acknowledge Trans people, for example, you kill. Watch the speech here.

A memo leaked from China this week revealed same-sex relationships, ‘effeminate’ men and moral choices, will be banned in all upcoming video game releases. The memo reportedly states that ‘If regulators can’t tell the character’s gender immediately, the setting of the characters could be considered problematic and red flags will be raised.’

Ahead of COP26 which is due to begin at the start of next month, ASOS and Primark have both committed to new sustainability pledges. ASOS says it is aiming to achieve a net-zero impact on the environment by 2030. Primark says its clothes will be made using recycled or “more sustainably sourced materials” by the same date. Critics warned that these goals will be hard to track as fast-fashion supply chains often lack transparency. It’s in response to Gen Z pressures outlined in our Institutions of the Future report.

Jesy Nelson – formerly of Little Mix – has been called out for Blackfishing in her new music video Boyz feat. Nicki Minaj. Hit link for an explanation of Blackfishing and click here to watch the video.


A record 4.3 Million people quit their job in August. So here’s one for all those people on the job hunt. As highlighted in The 2nd Dose, our attitude to careers is one of the main things covid has affected for Gen Z. Stay tuned, Oct 27th, for the big spill.—- EXCLUEEDUPSIVES 
(Otherwise unreleased content and insights from Beatfreeks‘ National Youth Trends Research. Bringing you the direct thoughts and feelings from young people across the UK)

Last month, in case you didn’t catch us yelling everywhere about it we launched the first ever creative commission based on a National Youth Trends dataset. They are by amazing digital artist Antonio Roberts. I can guarantee 100% of the people reading this will have seen one before.

Click here.

Got what we did yet? Scroll right to the top. 🙃

On top of feasting your eyes on these commissions that communicate data and insights, you can also catch a repeat (old skool) of our launch event and panel discussion on the commissions. It features industry experts from Nesta and the Open Data Institute. 

—- 🌶️ H O T 🌶️

Easy On Me – Adele
19,124,733 views in 11 Hours. NINETEEN MILLION.

—- ALSO THIS (and this) [and this] 

Desperately wanted to steal all of these and present it as our own, but fought off the urge because Lucy Hughes, whoever you are, you’re STONE COLD. Here is a twitter thread of cool internet stuffs.

Our faves: a website which tells you what percentage of posts treat a topic positively or negatively & a map containing wifi passwords for airport lounges around the world

Ciao 4 now
Fabio from Beatfreeks

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