1 Mar 2022


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This week – some hot news, some ‘omarge to Birmingham, and two brand new pieces of insight from two members of the Beatfreeks team: one on Love Island, one on the (hush hush) football. 

—- (not all-covid) NEWS

Last month Facebook published its latest financial results in a second quarterly report for 2021. Sounds super dull, right? dw – we’ve pulled the good stuff out for you. Our headline: as Zuckerberg himself told the company’s analysts, is that ‘video accounts for almost half of all time spent on facebook’ now. In addition ‘Reels is already the largest contributor to engagement growth on Instagram.’ The stats to back up what we were already thinking folks. T h e.   S t a t s.

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution went viral last month with a tweet showing real life footage of rescuing migrant boats off the coast. After being labeled by Nigel Farage as a ‘taxi service for illegal trafficking gangs’, the charity chimed in with advertising trends of authenticity, by using real footage and stories. People flocked to their support, and their website saw a 2000% increase in donations on a single day. The story not only highlights the power of the retweet, but the urgent and real need to support organisations such as the RNLI. 92% of their income comes from donations – which are always open at this link.

DL / Beatfreeks fave Rhianna has just surpassed a worth of one billion US dollars, according to Forbes magazine (she’s always been worth far more for us <3). She is now the richest female musician in the world, but her financial success has largely been attributed to Fenty, over her musical outputs. Gone are the days of record sales = big bucks.

After 17 years at the club, Lionel Messi will be leaving Barcelona, ending one of the most iconic footballing stints at a club of the past decade. Pep Guardiola dashes to cancel the Grealish transfer (see video). (Please leave Super Jack in Sunny Birmingham, Pep) [Pep’s a regular reader]


Whilst we’re indulging our Brummie roots this month’s meme is from hometown @fokawolf

Hit this link to catch the full video.


Zara capitalise on experiential marketing trends with their latest installation in Soho, London. Get at the link for full video experience.

(Otherwise unreleased content and insights from Beatfreeks‘ National Youth Trends Research. Bringing you the direct thoughts and feelings from young people across the UK)

Now that the tension over whats on the tele / whats covered all over socials has finished with the Euros ending, we can safely post articles on both Love Island and the football, and let the google analytics battle ensue. 

1. Euro 2021: Why ‘home’ is never a collective experience in football

Juwairiyyah Wali (Project Coordinator on Beatfreeks Don’t Settle Project) – examines responses on socials to England’s loss, and maps it back on to how Gen Zs in the UK feel about the concept of ‘home’ and pride in where they live. 31% of young people in the UK say they have never felt proud of where they live – could digital manifestations of racism as we’ve seen over the past month, be a reason why? Click right here to check out the short read article.

2. How did Gen Z couple Up?

Team meetings at the mo occasionally stray into Love Island chat. The most recent: how do Zs couple up? We just couldn’t not find out, so we asked 2,000 of them. Shumi Makuto (Project Coordinator at Beatfreeks) – in true-to-the-villa style – brings us this TikTok explaining how they answered. Click right here to get the data and a chuckle in 50 seconds.

—- 🌶️ H O T 🌶️

Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow – INDUSTRY BABY

(With obligatory theme from Marv’ [these change every month but started with What’s Going On, hence the title])

In the ongoing effort to keep up momentum for #BlackLivesMatter and keep conversations at the surface of White-dominated media mainstream, this month we bring you an article from back in April, by Dana Brownlee for Forbes. The reason: it’s practical, actionable, and clear.

Exhibit A Bill Maher: Why White People Should Stop Using The Term ‘Woke’…Immediately

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