16 Jun 2021


💳 Welcome to the DL #12 💳
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Welcome welcome to issue #12, which might suggest that we’re a year old on the DL. We’re not at all, we’re actually humble two-and-a-bit years old, but took a break, due to musical differences. Long Story. 

1️⃣ Thanks to all of you lovely people who came along to our Money Talks event last month, discussing Trend #2 from Institutions of the Future. Was ace fun. A recording of the panel will be released onto the National Youth Trends website this month – staying tuned on the DL, you’ll be the first to know. 

2️⃣ The sun is ACTUALLY shining in the UK. Lidl can predict the future. (See DL #11 for reference)

3️⃣ We hope you’re having a wonderful day.

(Told you we could be sincere sometimes xox) 

—- (not all-covid) NEWS

Following the quick rise to fame for NFTs and self proclaimed ‘Change-seeking robot with the drip’ Miquela, this week Balenciaga hosted a fashion show completely in digital space, utilising deep fake tech and CGI to showcase their latest collection.

Ahead of the opening game of Euro 2020 (2021?) later today, it’s been suggested that Croatia do not intend on taking the knee in support of racial equality in football in their fixture against England on Sunday. Team spokesperson told reporters that UEFA was against introducing politics into sport. Findings from two of our latest reports  show that there is an increasing expectation for everyone to take a stance and that, at present, representation for People of Colour is one of the most pressing issues we face. The very fact that teams are openly discussing racism at their institutions marks a step in the right direction, on the world stage. Taking the knee is part of this move.

During pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, Thailand and Myanmar, the three finger salute, popularised by the Hunger Games franchise, has become a symbol of the anti-vaccination movement in the US. The strange turn marks something wider about the increasing fragility of democracy – in this instance the word being associated with liberty-driven desires of anti-vaxxers. 

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We have SUCH a special one for ya this month. 


It’s an absolute pleasure for the DL to welcome fellow member of the Beatfreeks team Coree Kirby. 🎉

Coree sat down with Gen Z saver Ismail Hassan to chat all things cash. In this short video interview, you will gain a glimpse into how 16 – 25s spend and save:

💸 the most annoying thing they have to spend money on
🍒 what they’d do if given £500
😷 how Covid-19 has affected their finances

Click here or on their faces to watch.


The shade never ends at the top. Courtesy of classic connoisseurs @imjustbait


Super-moons, red-moons, full-moons, eclipses. They’re all great. We love to see ’em. But HOW MANY TIMES have you thought – defo getting that on the gram, then gone to take a picture and have had your world shattered, when the moon is the size of a pinhead on your camera app. 


Well fear not, The Guardian (or rather Australian Photographer Carly Earl) have got your back.
(We run a very neat, tidy, structured mailer and we couldn’t find anywhere to put this, so what better reason to give ourselves a new section. Only time will tell if it sticks around.)


Lots of very interesting stuff on this one. Around the time we last put out the DL, there was a sudden explosion of use of the word – which seemingly appeared out of nowhere. 

The New York Times suggests that the word has been about since 2013, but a recent wave of articles, along with a mini-trend on TikTok, and a wave of offended millennials has seen a surge in popularity. 

From what we can gather, in essence cheugy is the same as basic, the opposite of whats on trend. But it runs deeper. Cheugy marks the outright difference between Gen Z and Millennials. The latter strove for a level being individual which Gen Z are just so done with. Where for millennials the hipster reigned and the idea of being individual trumped all, for Gen Z the concept is a bit icky and, well cheugy. Being part of a community, and without the pretension of being different from everyone else is what the Zs are getting at.

In short – cheugy is intended as a bit of a fun joke. Being offended by being called cheugy is the most cheugy thing ever. Being ‘haha ye my shoes are legit sooooo cheugy’ rids you of any sense of the cheug.

(With obligatory theme from Marv’ [these change every month but started with What’s Going On, hence the title])

June is Pride month – a time to actively celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, raise awareness to the issues and discrimination they face in society, and provoke some real change, led by the people the movement represents.

Increasingly Pride has become synonymous with performative activism – the act of using a social issue for personal gain, as opposed to for a genuine and authentic desire to promote.

As Gen Z highlighted for National Youth Trends, do it real and do it right, or don’t 👏🏾 do👏🏾  it 👏🏾

This post from @soyouwanttotalkaboutit sums up Rainbow-Washing and how it spot it. 

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When you get it so right, and predict the future, why change it?

Fabio from Beatfreeks

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