16 Jun 2021


🛼 Welcome to the DL #11 🛼
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Howdy howdy howdy – welcome to the second double digit DL. This month, plenty of alliteration, more impeccable taste, some questionable meme choices, and, as always, fresh, honest insight. 

We’re in fact getting so fresh here on the DL, that this month sees us extend invites to an event which is the first of its kind for us. 

Along with our press partners for the Institutions of the Future Report – Grayling – we’re hosting the first ever National Youth Trends breakfast digest – bringing together industry leaders and young content creators to tussle over the report, its findings and how it affects organisations. More info and to grab yourself a spot – click the red button O

or click here.

—- (not all-covid) NEWS

This week the Queen’s speech revealed a ban on all ‘junk’ food advertising online and on television before 9pm. The ban’s caused a stir across marketing, health and food industries, with some in support of the move, and some calling it out for not recognising many underlying causes of obesity. Our questions: what about when you watch tele online? 🤔 And what counts as junk? 😕

Instagram users can now add pronouns to their profiles. If you’re in the US, UK, Canada or Australia, you can now head over to ‘edit profile’ and select one of four pronouns available. There are also reports they will soon include a form to request new pronouns – 💖 embedding users’ voices into service structures 💖.

Following a huge campaign, a unanimous vote saw Berlin officially declare nightclubs ‘cultural institutions’ after they’d previously been labelled ‘entertainment venues’. As we continually turn up the heat on conversation about the line between entertainment, art, and culture, the move sees these dancehalls benefit from the same tax breaks as operas, museums and theatre halls. [Bodzin]

In the live laugh love style of those ill advised pictures that say ‘boarders are just lines in the sand’, a Belgian farmer accidentally redrew the boarder with France early this month. As we’ve seen in mainstream media over the past few days – boarders mean a good deal more than lines in the sand. See Marvin’s rundown below.


You know we play by our own rules, and this month there is a news story so good that its not yet a meme, but definitely should be.

Please, go forth, do what you will, have at it, etc:

This is an image of an Ohio state Senator fooling no one, as he debates introducing a bill for harsher penalties on driving whilst distracted.


Each days that passes, sees the DL get older and older, and the Also This section more and more practical.

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(Otherwise unreleased content and insights from Beatfreeks‘ National Youth Trends Research. Bringing you the direct thoughts and feelings from young people across the UK)

This month we’re all about the chat (most months we’re about the chat, but this month, really about it).

💬 Top 5 tips for Communicating with Gen Z: Henry Kingdon spent the last week trawling the internet to find out how it thinks you should go about communicating with with Gen Z. The result: this short talk-you-through video, an equal parts hilarious, dry, insightful and (undeniably) practical video unpicking the wheat from the chaff of the online guidance about talking to the Zees (or Zeds?). 

💸 Money Talks Panel: As we so courteously mentioned, we’re becoming your Gen Z answer to Good Morning Britain on 27th May. We’ve teamed with our good friends at Grayling to bring together Anisa Morridadi (our Founder 😊), Tia Cham (freelance Content Creator), Katie Nugent (from Lush‘s Global Retail Team) and Chris Gramm (CEO of Springboard). The group are going to be chatting through Money Talks – trend #2 from the Institutions of the Future Report


—- 🌶️ H O T 🌶️

I don’t know if its just my algorithm (SO going to be a phrase) but have seen some UNREALrollerskating reels recently. [ 😉 ]

Following huge re-emergence of skate wear and culture in the mainstream over the past couple of years – #rollerskating reached a high of 1.8M instagram posts last week. Could the boogie-infused 70s throwback outweigh the skate-boom?

To not skip the musical element to this section – remember this stone cold heat from 2014.

(With obligatory theme from Marv’ [these change every month but started with What’s Going On, hence the title])

As violence erupts on the boarders of Israel and Palestine, social media this week is awash with posts about the story. The Palestine movement contines to take more of a central hold over our news feeds, with info-graphics and diagrams illustrating information about the situation. Some of the things we’ve learnt and picked up:

– Many are calling out use of the word ‘conflict’ to describe the situation – arguing that ‘conflict’ suggest two sides of equal power, size, influence. Sharers argue that it incorrectly removes reference to the oppression of the Palestinians. 

– As referenced in the Institutions of the Future report – young people expect each other to be conscious of issues. Posts detail how, if you support BLM (or other related issues), then why are you thinking twice before posting something in support of Palestine

– There are posts widening access to information by breaking down the history, whilst describing the situation by allegory to aid understanding. 

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