16 Jun 2021


🦦 Welcome to the DL #10 ðŸ¦¦
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Well well well – don’t we think we’re so clever. Back at the start of the year you got an Emergency DL for the launch of the Time and Time Again report, now we’re pulling similar tricks with cancelled messaging. Absurd, cheap, ludicrous, but you loved every second.

This is a (genuinely coy) thanks to everyone who has downloaded the brand new Institutions of the Future report (& its earth shattering meme-data technology). We really appreciate it and hope you’re enjoying the insights.

Alas, no messin’. We’re back to our normal antics. Promise. 

Also: ✨ Ramadan Mubarak âœ¨ to everyone taking part in the blessed month and 🎆 Happy Vaisakhi 🎆 to members of the Sikh community.

—- (not all-covid) NEWS

Whilst getting the job done on the sly, Donald Glover hasn’t slipped past our pesky eyes. After removing ‘Childish Gambino’ from his insta, and changing his name to plain old @DonaldGlover, it looks like the end of an era for an alias which brought us moving, beautiful and pertinent music/film crossover like this[Bonus bonus: his insta currently contains a mere three posts – in line with ‘wipe the slate clean’ Gen Z]

Following last month’s media frenzy, news on ex-royals continues: Prince (do we still call him that?) Harry takes up a new role at a Silicon Vally start up. BetterUp focuses on employee coaching and mental health.

Duke of Edinburgh Prince Phillip passed away earlier this month. Commemorative material covered advertising boards on streets, in train stations and at bus stops across the UK. Television programming halted for special broadcasts. The BBC received the highest number of complaints ever published in the UK about television programming in response to the coverage.

Streetwear giant Nike (who were voted #1 Gen Z brand by 2,000 young people in our latest report) have launched a new scheme to clean and resell shoes that have been returned by customers within their first two months. The move marks an effort to cut fashion waste.


We should really change the name of this section to meme / funny TikTok / silly Reel OTM, but it just doesn’t hit the same.

This one’s too good to miss – hit the pic or this for the full video.

From @halal.memer


An incredibly practical one this month.

Simple, elegant, effective.

(Otherwise unreleased content and insights from Beatfreeks‘ National Youth Trends Research. Bringing you the direct thoughts and feelings from young people across the UK)

You thought you’d already had it all. You’d thought we’d been a splurge for the launch of 2021, reports, articles, interviews flying all over the shop. 

Lowkey a little upset that you’d actually think that about us. To feed you full of content in a 3 month feast, to then leave you waiting in vain for months on end after. C’mon folks.

To continue the content-a-thon which National Youth Trends has become, we’ve put up some bonus content straight from the Beatfreeks IG

➡️ As part of our Time and Time Again report, Cat Smith MP  (Labour’s Shadow Minister for Young People) interviewed Amira Ismail – NYT report contributor, about why young People of Colour are less likely to feel represented in UK politics

➡️ As part of our Institutions of the Future report, we commissioned three Gen Z Starter Pack Memes – you can check out Liv’sAhsen’s and Jennan’s at the links and extended versions in the full report.

—- 🌶️ H O T 🌶️

Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra – Promises

A collaboration between a pioneering electronic producer, an 80 year old spiritual jazz legend, and the London Symphony Orchestra is elegant and elemental all at once. Perfect for lying in the sunshine on the first weekend of lockdown easing ðŸ¤žðŸ¤ž.

(With obligatory theme from Marv’ [these change every month but started with What’s Going On, hence the title])

Jimmy Lai – one of the final pro-democracy, Beijing critical, media tycoons to operate out of Hong Kong has been sentenced to 12 months in prison, after being found guilty of ‘unauthorised assembly’ – his role in the large pro-democracy protests that took place in 2019.

The move marks a new step from China – who has been exercising more and more control over the previously independent Hong Kong. The arrest utilises a law implemented last year which criminalises succession and subversion. Earlier this month, China passed a law to overhaul elections in the region, making it extremely difficult for critics of Beijing to hold office.

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By the laws of physics it is actually impossible for the sun not to shine if enough people go out and buy a parasol. Thankfully Lidl have got our backs yet again with this snip at Â£14.99.



This months tinka: 

Are we the only people in the world who think about these things?

Having a bit of an identity crisis and we’re not sure if anyone else even thinks about whether water makes chilli worse, or if leaving the plug switch on uses electricity, or why some punctuation goes after and some goes … before

To try and solve this issue (and win some much needed positive affirmation) we are offering this ONE TIME OPPORTUNITY to send us Â¡your! Tinka Thinka to solve.

Get involved and save us from this momentary blunder: email your tinka to Fabio@beatfreeks.com. 

Ciao 4 now
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