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Creativity, Data and Digital Culture: Interview with Antonio Roberts

Tickets now available for the launch of these Creative Commissions on 29th September – book here. Over the past two months, Antonio Roberts has...

Euro 2021: Why ‘home’ is never a collective experience in football

Juwairiyyah Wali is Programme Coordinator at Don’t Settle. She is a born and bred Brummie known for having pretentious film preferences. Passionate about all...

Creative Journeys: Creatives in Kigali and Birmingham

It may not always be in the news, but incredible creative work is happening in our communities, with young artists flexing their imaginations and...
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Tia Cham: Representation in Media

Time and Time Again: Content Contributor

Gen Z Starter Pack: Ahsen

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Gen Z Starter Pack: Jennan

Institutions of the Future Contributor

Gen Z Starter Pack: Liv

Institutions of the Future Contributor




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